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Tanzania is rich volcanic legacy has bequeathed gentle swells of hills and dramatic peaks that seem at odds with the perception of a land of flat plains.

Kilimanjaro: Rising 19,340 feet (15,895m) out of the Masai steppe, Kilimanjaro is wreathed in legend and history. Africa’s highest mountain, the highest free· standing mountain in the world and as high a mojor summit as an average trekker can go, it is also, one of the Seven Summits, the seven highest points on each continent in the world

Mount Meru: overshadowed by its more famous cousin, Meru is a mountain

worthy of a notoriety of its own. Standing at a little under 15,000 feet, Africa fifth highest mountain offer attraction of its own, including game-filled lower slopes, chattering forest of tropical birds and monkeys a spectacular crater and throughout, views of those famous snows across the Steppe.

OI Donyo Lengai: The holy Masai Mountain of God, is also a picture-perfect volcano in a remote nook of the Rift Valley, the only active soda Carbonatite volcano in the world, still for from dormant, standing on the crater rim of OI Donyo Lengai, watching the sun rise over the Rift Valley, is to bear witness to the primeval fires of the first down of creation.