For your first safari, packing can be challenging but is necessary. Your anticipation for your trip may be tempered by the stress of packing. On your convenience, we have put up a list of things you might want to pack for a safari. Depending on how you like to go on safari, these items may or may not be necessary.


There are many different kinds of travel bags you can use, for safaris,

Duffel bag and a Travel backpack

  • recommended for camping or group sharing safari are the best options. These are simple and lightweight travel bags, and they are suggested for people looking to go on group tours or low-cost camping trips.

Rolling bag (recommended for private & lodging safaris)

  • The wheels look good. These bags are intended for private and lodge safaris so that you won’t have to carry your luggage. Not advised for camping or group excursions where space may be restricted

Warm sweater

  • Nights and mornings in East Africa can be cold, so it’s always good to have something a little warmer to throw on until the sun warms the plains up. (Note: evenings & nights can get to 6 degrees in Ngorongoro)

Boots or Sandals suitable for walking.

  • The majority of your safari will be spent inside your safari vehicle, so you’ll need a pair of comfortable shoes, sandals, or boots. However, if you’ve planned any walking safaris, shoes or boots may be necessary. You may also want to cover your skin to avoid sunburn and insect bites (tsetse flies).

Safari trousers, Long sleeve shirt and Pants

  • These are a great choice for a chilly morning or evening because they are excellent for both sun protection and keeping hungry insects away.
  • You’ll also need these short sleeves and pants for supper and drinks at the end of a long day if you’re staying in finer lodges.


  • Sunglasses are an useful preventative step and have the added bonus of decreasing brightness when you are observing wildlife because the sun in East Africa can be fairly fierce.


  • While on safari, sun protection should be your top priority. While your car offers shade, opening the top to see the game exposes you to the elements. The best approach to prevent painful burns or heatstroke is to wear a decent hat.

*Important Note

  • When on safari, one should stay away from wearing anything that is black or dark blue because these colors try to attract tsetse flies, which are thirsty and hungry for blood. Additionally, white clothing should be avoided because it may become highly dusty when visiting Tanzania’s parks during the dry season.


Dry Wipes

  • While on safari, carrying wet wipes is normally advised due to the dusty roads, but for campers, having wet wipes, body wipes in place of a shower, and wipes for the restrooms is crucial due to the possibility of less-than-sanitary camping grounds.

Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, and Floss

  • These things are necessary to maintain fresh breath but are not included on a camping vacation. However, those choosing mid-range lodges are not required to bring these goods.


  • On a safari, the sun can be very strong, therefore sunscreen is advised.

Roll of tissues or toilet paper

  • While lodges provide toilet paper, campers on safaris cannot say the same because toiletries frequently go unnoticed in public restrooms.

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