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The Africa Safaris > Lake Manyara National Park

A small but interesting park in the Rift Valley

At a glance

Lake Manyara NP

Size 201 square miles

Location 60 miles west of Arusha

Recommended time 2 nights

Time to visit best in green season

Safari Activities Walking, driving

Topography soda lake, escarpment

Main species Elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion, small antelope, good birding


Once more, one of the staple attractions on the northern “circuit”, Lake Manyara National Park adds something else again to the blend. Where the Serengeti is known for its enormous skies and wildebeest, and the Ngorongoro is known for the perspectives, Lake Manyara is a wonderful case of what the Rift valley brings to the table. This is a recreation center that sits at the base of the 600m high slope that is a piece of a structural split that denotes the sum of East Africa, from Ethiopia to Malawi.


This isn’t, be that as it may, the main motivation to result in these present circumstances amazing little park. With the soft drink lake itself running along its eastern edge, the recreation center is a dainty centralization of game and is the home for a portion of Africa’s most popular lions… .that have figured out how to climb the trees for a little rest and unwinding! Alongside great elephant and a portion of Africa’s littler types of eland, (for example, the klipspringer) and the absolute best raptor populaces on the eastern side of the landmass, this is really a beneficial goal to incorporate.


What has truly helped the assorted variety of the untamed life in the recreation center, and furthermore adds to the intrigue, is that it consolidates a scope of territories. In the extremely north it includes some enormous hard and softwood backwoods with transcending figs and mahoganies giving cool shade and spread for game. As you descend into the recreation center you at that point go over the beginning of the lake itself and the marshland territory that is a most loved of Cape wild ox and meandering elephant. From here the recreation center turns out to be increasingly barren with strong olive trees and rocks that have moved off from the ledge above.


By and large, while this park may not be too known as a portion of the others in the north, it truly sneaks up suddenly and will give those searching for a couple of elective creatures to those that are most well known an extraordinary alternative.


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